Management of Data and Information Systems

The event is intended for researchers specializing in data management and data analysis. We invite researchers working on methods and systems for storing and analyzing large volumes of text, graph, multimedia, scientific and other types of data. Issues addressed by the conference include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Data mining and information extraction.
  • Mathematical theory and methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Mathematical models of processes and phenomena of the real world.
  • Computational linguistics , Natural language text analysis and understanding.
  • Complex networks analysis, including social, communication, biological networks, etc.
  • Signal processing and image analysis.
  • User-generated content analysis.
  • Information retrieval, recommender systems.
  • Ontologies and knowledge bases.
  • Information systems and technologies.
  • Scalable algorithms for data analysis.
  • Data analysis applications.
  • Data cleaning, heterogeneous data integration, data deduplication.
  • Key technologies for private and hybrid clouds creation.
  • High-performance computing and other services in clouds.
  • Big data ecosystem.
  • Distributed databases and Data/Web Mining technologies.
  • Software platforms for internet of things.
  • Dynamic load balancing in elastic clouds.
  • Planning of task flow in cloud data processing centers.
  • Power-saving cloud infrastructures.

We invite researchers to submit their non-published and non-submitted for other conferences articles on theoretical and practical studies on the above-mentioned topics

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Programme Committee

  • Andrei Tchernykh, Dr. Sci., Professor, CICESE Research Centre (Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico).
  • Andrey Filchenkov, Ph.D., ITMO University.
  • Areg Melik-Adamyan, Ph.D., Intel.
  • Astrakhantsev Nikita, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Boris Dobrov, Ph.D., Recearch Computing Center of Moscow State University.
  • Dmitry Gubanov, Ph.D., Institute of Control Sciences RAS, Moscow.
  • Dmitry Lizorkin, Ph.D., Google Inc.
  • Klezovich D.S., Ph.D., University of Luxembourg.
  • Korenkov V.V., Ph.D,Prof., JINR.
  • Korshunov Anton, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Kuznetsov S.D., Prof., ISP RAS.
  • Kuzyurin N.N., Prof., ISP RAS.
  • Lukichev Maxim, Ph.D., Reltio Inc.
  • Petrenko A.K., Prof., ISP RAS.
  • Samovarov O.I., Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Semenov V.А., Prof., ISP RAS.
  • Soloviev V.D., Prof., KPFU.
  • Turdakov Denis, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Velikhov V.E., NRC "Kurchatov Institute".

Organizer & Partners


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We solicit original and unpublished articles of current research, results or work in progress. We invite both researchers and practitioners to submit early research work or general discussions. All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of Ivannikov ISP RAS Open Conference, that is indexed in Web of Science and Scopus.

The papers should be 3 to 7 pages long, formatted using IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings. Peer review is double-blind. Please remove any references to authors, such as names, affiliations or emails, from submitted manuscripts, as well as direct references to previous work. In the case of successful review and acceptance you will be requested to submit camera-redy text with necessary author details.

Articles submission due to September 19, 2018 September 5, 2018.

Submission is open at EasyChair.

Organizing and Program Committees of Ivannikov ISP RAS Open Conference look forward for cooperation with authors to ensure a process that is both fair in practice and perceived to be fair by everyone.

Submissions that violate these guidelines will be rejected.

Venue Information

Where to find us


The conference takes place at the Main building of the Russian Academy of Science. See the map for exact information.


To get to the venue place, you can take one of the city bus lines or railways Moscow Metro. All the services are comfortable to reach into the place.


Suitable Hotels and Restaurants are surrounded all the area. Here you will find our recommendations.